Screen Cheat Sheet

In Linux

Screen is a terminal multiplexer that allows you to run multiple terminal sessions within a single window. This cheat sheet provides an extensive list of commands and shortcuts for using Screen.

Starting and Exiting Screen

screenStart a new screen session
screen -S session_nameStart a new screen session with a specific name
screen -rReattach to a detached screen session
screen -r session_nameReattach to a specific detached screen session
screen -lsList all screen sessions
exitExit the current screen session
Ctrl + A DDetach from the current screen session

Creating and Managing Windows

Ctrl + A CCreate a new window
Ctrl + A NSwitch to the next window
Ctrl + A PSwitch to the previous window
Ctrl + A 0-9Switch to a specific window
Ctrl + A ""List all windows
Ctrl + A WShow a list of all windows
Ctrl + A KKill the current window
Ctrl + A &Kill the current window and terminate the screen session

Splitting the Screen

Ctrl + A SSplit the screen horizontally
Ctrl + A |Split the screen vertically
Ctrl + A TabSwitch between split regions
Ctrl + A QShow pane numbers
Ctrl + A XKill the current region

Copy and Paste

Ctrl + A [Enter copy mode
Ctrl + A ]Paste the contents of the clipboard
Ctrl + A =Show information about the current region
Ctrl + A : writebuf filenameWrite the contents of the clipboard to a file
Ctrl + A : readbuf filenameRead the contents of a file into the clipboard


Ctrl + A ?Show a list of all key bindings
Ctrl + A : quitQuit screen
Ctrl + A : versionShow the version of screen
Ctrl + A : source .screenrcReload the .screenrc file
Ctrl + A : sessionname session_nameRename the current session
Ctrl + A : title window_titleRename the current window

For more information, see the Screen User’s Manual.