Terminal Cheat Sheet

Terminal is a command-line interface that allows users to interact with their computer’s operating system through text commands. It is a powerful tool that can be used to perform a wide range of tasks, from simple file management to complex system administration.

This cheat sheet provides an extensive list of terminal commands and their descriptions. The commands are divided into different categories for easy reference.


cdChange directory
lsList files and directories
pwdPrint working directory
mkdirMake directory
rmdirRemove directory
touchCreate a new file
cpCopy files or directories
mvMove or rename files or directories
rmRemove files or directories
catConcatenate files and print on the standard output
moreDisplay output one screen at a time
lessDisplay output one screen at a time, with more features than more
headDisplay the first lines of a file
tailDisplay the last lines of a file

File Management

chmodChange file permissions
chownChange file ownership
chgrpChange file group
lnCreate a link between files
findSearch for files and directories
grepSearch for a pattern in a file
sedStream editor for filtering and transforming text
awkPattern scanning and processing language
tarCreate or extract tar archives
zipCreate or extract zip archives
unzipExtract zip archives
gzipCompress or decompress files using gzip
gunzipDecompress files compressed with gzip

System Information

unamePrint system information
whoamiPrint the current user
whoPrint who is logged in
wPrint who is logged in and what they are doing
topDisplay system processes
psDisplay running processes
killSend a signal to a process
dfDisplay disk usage
duDisplay disk usage of files and directories
freeDisplay memory usage
uptimeDisplay system uptime


pingTest network connectivity
tracerouteTrace the route to a network host
netstatDisplay network connections
ifconfigConfigure network interfaces
routeDisplay or modify the routing table
sshConnect to a remote server using SSH
scpCopy files between hosts using SSH
ftpConnect to a remote server using FTP
sftpSecurely transfer files between hosts using SSH


dateDisplay or set the system date and time
calDisplay a calendar
echoDisplay a message
historyDisplay command history
clearClear the terminal screen
manDisplay the manual page for a command
aproposSearch the manual page names and descriptions
aliasCreate an alias for a command
exportSet an environment variable
sourceExecute commands from a file
sudoExecute a command as another user
suSwitch to another user