Markdown Cheat Sheet

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows you to write text using easy-to-read and easy-to-write syntax. It was created by John Gruber in 2004 with the goal of enabling people to write in plain text format and still be able to produce formatted documents.

Markdown is widely used for creating documentation, blogs, and other forms of digital content. It is supported by many platforms, including GitHub, Reddit, and Slack, among others.

This Markdown cheat sheet provides an overview of the most commonly used syntax for formatting text in Markdown. It covers basic formatting, such as headers, bold, italic, and lists, as well as more advanced features, such as tables, links, images, and footnotes.

The cheat sheet also includes some additional features, such as horizontal rules, emojis, keyboard input, and collapsible sections. It is important to note that not all Markdown parsers support these additional features, so it’s best to check the documentation for your specific use case.

Overall, this cheat sheet is a handy reference for anyone who wants to use Markdown to create formatted digital content quickly and easily.

Cheat sheet

# H1Create a top-level heading
## H2Create a second-level heading
### H3Create a third-level heading
#### H4Create a fourth-level heading
##### H5Create a fifth-level heading
###### H6Create a sixth-level heading
*Italic* or _Italic_Emphasize text in italics
**Bold** or __Bold__Emphasize text in bold
***Bold and Italic***Emphasize text in both bold and italics
~~Strikethrough~~Strike out text
[Link Text](URL)Create a hyperlink
![Alt Text](Image URL)Embed an image
> BlockquoteCreate a blockquote
– List Item<br>- List Item<br>- List ItemCreate an unordered list
1. List Item<br>2. List Item<br>3. List ItemCreate an ordered list
– [ ]Create a checkbox
– [x]Create a checked checkbox
— or ___ or ***Create a horizontal rule
`Inline code`Format text as inline code
<br>Code block<br>Create a code block
`Column 1
<br>Insert a line break
<html>Insert HTML code
&lt;Display the < symbol
&gt;Display the > symbol
&amp;Display the & symbol
&nbsp;Insert a non-breaking space
:emoji:Insert an emoji
# or – or *Create a horizontal rule with different styles
[Link Text][Link Reference]<br>[Link Reference]: URLCreate a reference-style hyperlink
[Link Text][1]<br>[1]: URLCreate a reference-style hyperlink with a numerical reference
![Alt Text][Image Reference]<br>[Image Reference]: Image URLEmbed an image using a reference-style syntax
![Alt Text][1]<br>[1]: Image URLEmbed an image using a reference-style syntax with a numerical reference
<>Display a URL
<>Create a mailto link
[^1]<br>[^1]: Footnote text.Create a footnote
**Text with a [link](url)**Emphasize part of text with a hyperlink
<details><summary>Summary Text</summary>Details Text</details>Create a collapsible section
<kbd>CTRL</kbd>+<kbd>C</kbd>Display keyboard input
:warning:Insert a warning emoji
:info:Insert an information emoji
:question:Insert a question emoji
:check: or :white_check_mark:Insert a checkmark emoji
:x: or :no_entry:Insert a cross mark emoji
`Column 1
[[TOC]]Generate a table of contents
<!– Comment –>Insert an HTML comment
`Column 1