Github Emoji Cheat Sheet

GitHub emoji are a fun and expressive way to enhance your online conversations on the popular software development platform. These emoji are similar to the ones you might use in text messages or social media, but they’re specifically designed for use in GitHub issues, pull requests, comments, and other areas of the site.

With GitHub emoji, you can add a dash of personality to your online interactions, convey emotion and tone, and quickly communicate common ideas and concepts. For example, you might use the :+1: emoji to indicate your approval of someone’s work, or the :eyes: emoji to call attention to an important detail.

To make it easier to use these emoji on GitHub, we’ve put together this cheat sheet table that covers a wide variety of categories and themes, including faces, animals, food, activities, and much more. Each emoji is listed along with its GitHub markup and a brief description of what it represents.

Cheat Sheet


EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
🎉:tada:Party popper
👍:+1:Thumbs up
👎:-1:Thumbs down
💯:100:100 points
🔍:mag:Magnifying glass
💡:bulb:Light bulb
💬:speech_balloon:Speech balloon


EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
😄🙂Grinning face with smiling eyes
😆:laughing:Grinning squinting face
😂:joy:Face with tears of joy
😊:blush:Smiling face with smiling eyes
😍:heart_eyes:Smiling face with heart-eyes
😘:kissing_heart:Face blowing a kiss
😜:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Winking face with tongue
🤪:zany_face:Zany face
🤔:thinking:Thinking face
🙄:face_with_rolling_eyes:Face with rolling eyes
😷:mask:Face with medical mask
😎:sunglasses:Smiling face with sunglasses
🤓:nerd_face:Nerd face

Hand gestures

EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
👋:wave:Waving hand
👌:ok_hand:OK hand sign
:raised_hand:Raised hand
👍:+1:Thumbs up
👎:-1:Thumbs down
👊:fist_oncoming:Oncoming fist
:fist_raised:Raised fist
🤘:metal:Sign of the horns
🙏:pray:Folded hands

Food and Drinks

EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
🍺:beer:Beer mug
🍻:beers:Clinking beer mugs
🍫:chocolate_bar:Chocolate bar
🍟:fries:French fries
🍦:icecream:Soft ice cream
🍧:shaved_ice:Shaved ice
🍨:ice_cream:Ice cream
🍹:cocktail:Cocktail glass
🍸:cocktail:Cocktail glass
☕️:coffee:Hot beverage
🍵:tea:Teacup without handle

Travel and Places

EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
🚂:steam_locomotive:Steam locomotive
🏰:european_castle:European castle
🏯:japanese_castle:Japanese castle
🗽:statue_of_liberty:Statue of Liberty
🌉:bridge_at_night:Bridge at night
🏞️:national_park:National park
🗺️:world_map:World map
🌄:sunrise_over_mountains:Sunrise over mountains
🏝️:desert_island:Desert Island
🌊:ocean:Water wave


EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
🎨:art:Artist palette
🎭:performing_arts:Performing arts
🎲:game_die:Game die
⚽️:soccer:Soccer ball
🏓:ping_pong:Ping pong
🏋️:weight_lifting:Weight lifting
🎯:dart:Direct hit
🎮:video_game:Video game
🎬:clapper:Clapper board
🎲:game_die:Game die
🏋️‍♀️:weight_lifting_woman:Weight lifting woman
🚴‍♂️:man_biking:Man biking
🤼‍♂️:men_wrestling:Men wrestling
🤸‍♀️:woman_cartwheeling:Woman cartwheeling
🏋️‍♂️:weight_lifting_man:Weight lifting man


EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
💡:bulb:Electric bulb
📐:straight_ruler:Straight ruler
🔍:mag:Magnifying glass
📱:iphone:Mobile phone
🔒:lock:Closed lock with key
🔓:unlock:Open lock
📄:page_with_curl:Page with curl
🗄️:file_cabinet:File cabinet
🧻:toilet_paper:Toilet paper


EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
❤️:heart:Red heart
💔:broken_heart:Broken heart
💥:boom:Collision symbol
🎉:tada:Party popper
💡:bulb:Electric bulb
👍:+1:Thumbs up sign
👎:-1:Thumbs down sign
🚨:rotating_light:Police car light
💬:speech_balloon:Speech balloon
:white_check_mark:White heavy check mark
:negative_squared_cross_mark:Negative squared cross mark
💯:100:Hundred points symbol
🔗:link:Link symbol
🔒:lock:Closed lock with key
🔓:unlock:Open lock
🔍:mag:Magnifying glass
🌐:globe_with_meridians:Globe with meridians
🔇:mute:Speaker with cancellation stroke
👥:busts_in_silhouette:Busts in silhouette
👤:bust_in_silhouette:Bust in silhouette
👥:busts_in_silhouette:Busts in silhouette
💬:speech_balloon:Speech balloon


EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
🏳️:white_flag:White flag
🏴:black_flag:Black flag
🏁:checkered_flag:Chequered flag
🚩:triangular_flag_on_post:Triangular flag on post
🎌:crossed_flags:Crossed flags

Regional Indicator Symbols

EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
🇯🇵:jp:Flag: Japan
🇰🇷:kr:Flag: South Korea
🇨🇳:cn:Flag: China
🇺🇸:us:Flag: United States
🇫🇷:fr:Flag: France
🇪🇸:es:Flag: Spain
🇮🇹:it:Flag: Italy
🇷🇺:ru:Flag: Russia
🇬🇧:gb:Flag: United Kingdom
🇩🇪:de:Flag: Germany
🇦🇺:au:Flag: Australia
🇦🇹:at:Flag: Austria
🇧🇪:be:Flag: Belgium
🇧🇷:br:Flag: Brazil
🇨🇦:ca:Flag: Canada
🇨🇱:cl:Flag: Chile
🇨🇴:co:Flag: Colombia
🇨🇿:cz:Flag: Czech Republic
🇩🇰:dk:Flag: Denmark
🇫🇮:fi:Flag: Finland
🇬🇷:gr:Flag: Greece
🇭🇰:hk:Flag: Hong Kong SAR China
🇭🇺:hu:Flag: Hungary
🇮🇪:ie:Flag: Ireland
🇮🇳:in:Flag: India
🇮🇩:id:Flag: Indonesia
🇮🇱:il:Flag: Israel
🇯🇴:jo:Flag: Jordan
🇱🇧:lebanon:Flag: Lebanon
🇲🇾:my:Flag: Malaysia
🇲🇽:mx:Flag: Mexico
🇳🇱:nl:Flag: Netherlands
🇳🇿:nz:Flag: New Zealand
🇳🇴:no:Flag: Norway
🇵🇭:ph:Flag: Philippines
🇵🇱:pl:Flag: Poland
🇵🇹:pt:Flag: Portugal
🇷🇴:ro:Flag: Romania
🇸🇦:saudi_arabia:Flag: Saudi Arabia
🇸🇬:sg:Flag: Singapore
🇿🇦:za:Flag: South Africa
🇸🇪:se:Flag: Sweden
🇨🇭:switzerland:Flag: Switzerland
🇹🇭:th:Flag: Thailand
🇹🇷:tr:Flag: Turkey
🇺🇦:ua:Flag: Ukraine
🇺🇸:us:Flag: United States
🇻🇳:vn:Flag: Vietnam
🇿🇲:zm:Flag: Zambia
🇿🇼:zw:Flag: Zimbabwe


EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
❤️:heart:Red heart
🧡:orange_heart:Orange heart
💛:yellow_heart:Yellow heart
💚:green_heart:Green heart
💙:blue_heart:Blue heart
💜:purple_heart:Purple heart
🤎:brown_heart:Brown heart
🖤:black_heart:Black heart
🤍:white_heart:White heart
💔:broken_heart:Broken heart
❣️:heart_exclamation:Heavy heart exclamation
💕:two_hearts:Two hearts
💞:revolving_hearts:Revolving hearts
💓:heartbeat:Beating heart
💗:heartpulse:Growing heart
💖:sparkling_heart:Sparkling heart
💘:cupid:Heart with arrow


EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
➡️:arrow_right:Right arrow
⬅️:arrow_left:Left arrow
⬆️:arrow_up:Up arrow
⬇️:arrow_down:Down arrow
↗️:arrow_upper_right:Up-right arrow
↘️:arrow_lower_right:Down-right arrow
↙️:arrow_lower_left:Down-left arrow
↖️:arrow_upper_left:Up-left arrow
↕️:arrow_up_down:Up-down arrow
↔️:left_right_arrow:Left-right arrow
🔄:arrows_counterclockwise:Counterclockwise arrows button
↪️:arrow_right_hook:Right arrow curving left
↩️:leftwards_arrow_with_hook:Left arrow curving right
⤴️:arrow_heading_up:Arrow pointing rightwards then curving upwards
⤵️:arrow_heading_down:Arrow pointing rightwards then curving downwards
🔙:back:Back arrow


EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
🚸:children_crossing:Children crossing
🔞:underage:No one under eighteen symbol
🚫:no_entry_sign:No entry sign
🚭:no_smoking:No smoking
🚯:do_not_litter:Do not litter
🚳:no_bicycles:No bicycles
🚷:no_pedestrians:No pedestrians
📵:no_mobile_phones:No mobile phones
🚱:non-potable_water:Non-potable water


EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
💪:muscle:Flexed biceps
🦾:mechanical_arm:Mechanical arm
🦿:mechanical_leg:Mechanical leg
🦻:ear_with_hearing_aid:Ear with hearing aid
💋:kiss:Kiss mark
🫀:anatomical_heart:Anatomical heart


EmojiGitHub MarkupDescription
🎋:tanabata_tree:Tanabata tree
🎄:christmas_tree:Christmas tree
🌲:evergreen_tree:Evergreen tree
🌳:deciduous_tree:Deciduous tree
🌴:palm_tree:Palm tree
🍀:four_leaf_clover:Four leaf clover
🍁:maple_leaf:Maple leaf
🍂:fallen_leaf:Fallen leaf
🍃:leaves:Leaf fluttering in wind
🥀:wilted_flower:Wilted flower
🌸:cherry_blossom:Cherry blossom
💮:white_flower:White flower