Flutter Widgets Cheat Sheet

In Flutter

Flutter is a popular open-source mobile application development framework that allows developers to create high-performance, visually appealing, and responsive mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. One of the key features of Flutter is its extensive collection of widgets, which are the building blocks of any Flutter application.

Widgets in Flutter are essentially UI components that can be used to create various elements of an application, such as buttons, text fields, images, and more. These widgets are highly customizable and can be easily modified to suit the specific needs of an application.

Flutter widgets are divided into two categories: stateless and stateful. Stateless widgets are those that do not change over time, while stateful widgets are those that can change based on user interactions or other events.

Some of the most commonly used Flutter widgets include:

  1. Text: This widget is used to display text on the screen. It can be customized with various fonts, colors, and styles.
  2. Image: This widget is used to display images on the screen. It supports various image formats and can be customized with different sizes and shapes.
  3. Button: This widget is used to create clickable buttons that perform specific actions when pressed.
  4. TextField: This widget is used to create text input fields that allow users to enter text.
  5. ListView: This widget is used to create scrollable lists of items.
  6. Container: This widget is used to create a rectangular container that can be customized with various colors, borders, and padding.

Flutter widgets are easy to use and can be combined to create complex UI elements. They are also highly performant, which means that Flutter applications can run smoothly even on low-end devices.

This cheat sheet provides an overview of the most commonly used Flutter widgets. For more detailed information, please refer to the official Flutter documentation. You’ll find a link below the cheat sheet. Enjoy!

Basic Widgets

TextDisplays a string of text
ImageDisplays an image
IconDisplays an icon
ContainerA box that can contain other widgets
RowA horizontal layout
ColumnA vertical layout
StackA widget that positions its children relative to the edges of its box
ExpandedA widget that expands to fill the available space
ScaffoldA basic layout structure for apps

Input Widgets

TextFieldA widget that allows the user to enter text
CheckboxA widget that allows the user to select one or more options
RadioA widget that allows the user to select one option from a group
SwitchA widget that allows the user to toggle a setting on or off
SliderA widget that allows the user to select a value from a range
DropdownButtonA widget that displays a list of options for the user to choose from

Layout Widgets

PaddingAdds padding around a widget
AlignPositions a widget within its parent
AspectRatioSets the aspect ratio of a widget
ConstrainedBoxConstrains the size of a widget
FittedBoxScales a widget to fit within its parent
FractionallySizedBoxSizes a widget based on a fraction of its parent
IntrinsicHeightSizes a widget to its intrinsic height
IntrinsicWidthSizes a widget to its intrinsic width
LimitedBoxLimits the size of a widget
OffstageHides a widget from view
OverflowBoxAllows a widget to overflow its parent
SizedBoxSets the size of a widget
TransformApplies a transformation to a widget

Material Design Widgets

AppBarA top app bar
BottomAppBarA bottom app bar
BottomNavigationBarA bottom navigation bar
CardA material design card
ChipA material design chip
DividerA horizontal line
FloatingActionButtonA floating action button
ListTileA material design list tile
SnackBarA material design snack bar
TabBarA material design tab bar
TextFieldA material design text field

Cupertino Design Widgets

CupertinoActionSheetA Cupertino-style action sheet
CupertinoActivityIndicatorA Cupertino-style activity indicator
CupertinoButtonA Cupertino-style button
CupertinoDatePickerA Cupertino-style date picker
CupertinoDialogA Cupertino-style dialog
CupertinoNavigationBarA Cupertino-style navigation bar
CupertinoPageScaffoldA Cupertino-style page scaffold
CupertinoPickerA Cupertino-style picker
CupertinoSliderA Cupertino-style slider
CupertinoSwitchA Cupertino-style switch
CupertinoTabBarA Cupertino-style tab bar
CupertinoTextFieldA Cupertino-style text field


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